Ted Vroemen - Beeldend kunstenaar te Klimmen

The origin of my passion for sculpting lies in Namibia. A land which conquered my heart with her vastness, peace, unspoiled terrain and multitude of colours. That’s where I discovered the beauty and diversity in stone. The mountains and plains of stone were sublime and varyingly brown, green, purple, yellow. I had no idea this existed. This is were my roots as an artist lie. Many of the stones I use are from that part of the world.

I try to envision the image of what could be and it’s possible that while working on a sculpture another idea occurs to me. The structure or the material of the stone can force you to astray and explore other ways.

Working with different types of stone is a surprising journey, because of the colours and drawings which show under the surface of the stone. It’s a fascinating process to experience the stratification of stone while working with it. The process of rough stone to artwork is captivating. It’s venturing with shapes, lines and surfaces in a three-dimensional world. A cold, rough, insignificant stone changes through heart and intuition in something unique.

Sculpting to me is a process of research and reacting. With a bit of luck exquisite reliefs or colours with a special effect appear.
Sculpting forces me into a certain calmness which I experience as very pleasing. The inspiration comes naturally. The shape develops and expresses itself in round shapes, in strong contrasts and motions. Often it will be a female torso, a head or an abstract sculpture.

I get an exceptional feeling when people I don't know buy a creation of mine and are joyful because of it. People who value your work and want to look at it every day.